Jun 16-18, 2023

Learn how to transform a memory or experience from your life into the focused art of flash memoir (under 1000 words) with writer and editor Melisse Gelula. This is a nonfiction writing workshop for adults 18 years and up. No formal writing experience necessary!

Together we’ll read contemporary examples of flash memoir, identifying the tools writers use to achieve their short, sweet—and emotionally rich—stories.

Attendees will begin a draft of their flash memoir in the workshop and receive ideas and motivation for continuing independently at home. If time allows, some attendees may have the opportunity to share their new work.
Please bring a pen and notebook.

This workshop welcomes the participation and partnership of Tusten Social Sage Sessions.

Join us at Mayer Wasner, 55 Main Street for poetry, short readings, and refreshments as we celebrate the launch of Deep Water Literary Festival 2023. Featured poets and writers include Sarah Mann, Zarah Cabañas, Stacy Wakefield, Paul Legault, and Sullivan County poet laureate Sharon Kennedy Knolle. This event is curated by Dani Case.

Tim Bruno of WJFF Radio Catskill leads a podcasting workshop for middle and high school students. Learn the fundamentals of what makes a fresh story, crafting a narrative, and creating a pitch. Award winning podcaster and journalist Ilya Marritz will be on hand to discuss his process and ground the class in some of the basics of investigative reporting. 

Open to ages 12-18.

Space is limited.

Isadora Alteon will lead a workshop for middle and high school students on worldbuilding in dystopic fiction. Students will get a grounding in the genre, looking closely at text from 1984 and other sources. Marlon James will discuss his process and then students will independently create the beginnings of their own world in writing or visually. 

Open to writers and visual artists aged 12-18.

Space is limited.

Why Do Actors Train? (Bloomsbury/Methuen Drama) is a new book by local theatre artist and scholar, Brad Krumholz. Focusing on recent developments in neuroscience, philosophy, and related fields, the author develops a new theory of embodiment to investigate the actor’s craft. 

Join the author in a lively conversation with Jason Tougaw to catch a glimpse of how all of us, not just actors, encounter the material world and the invisible forces at play within it. The session will include a short, non-compulsory workshop element. All are welcome to listen and/or participate.

Presented in collaboration with North American Cultural Laboratory (NACL) in Highland Lake, Sullivan County, NY.

Manon Manavit returns to Deep Water with Willow Gatwood to present an immersive piece of perfomance art at the 108.

“In the post-WW3 era, a charismatic former Canadian dictator head-of-state delivers long-awaited results of a Psy-Op to his human supporters in the covert fight against AI supremacy.” Text by CHATGPT will be performed by Manavit & Hazen Cuyler of NYC’s Greenhouse Ensemble, with Gatewood transforming e-waste materials into a live soundscape. Join the Resistance 

Part of Deep Water Lab, an initiative supporting local early and mid career artists. 

Join Lyra Vega as she reads three banned picture books at the Bridge St Bakery. Suitable for children of all ages, come celebrate the right to read, dress up and imagine.

The Russian writer Sergei Dovlatov once said: “We endlessly curse Comrade Stalin, and, of course, for the cause. And yet, I want to ask—who wrote the four million denunciations?” This immersive performance created by Dasha Ziborova and Juliette Hermant invites the audience to participate in the sinister process of creating “denunciative drawings.” Commencing at Maison Bergogne with a perfomance, then threaded throughout the day and town, look out for these agents and provocateurs, they will surely be watching you.

Legendary downtown musician, producer and performer David Driver curates and leads our opening night cabaret at the 108. Featuring local artists and special guests inspired by the Eurthymics brilliant soundtrack to the movie 1984 directed by Michael Radford. Come watch the show, grab a drink and toast a great weekend ahead.

An immersive dance installation with hanging fabric, light, bodies and sound. Performed in 15 minute bursts, this collaborative project is made and performed by Corinna Grunn and Hilary Melcher Chapman, with sound design by Baxter. Part of Deep Water Lab, an initiative supporting local early and mid career artists.

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