Jun 21-23, 2024

Frequency is an interactive experience where performing artists combine aerial arts, spoken word, and reflective processes to explore letting go, and felt sense. Within a playful setting, the audience is invited to attune to their present moment experience without resistance or judgment, and a willingness to be curious. “We have the opportunity to choose whether we want to hang on or let go of emotional upsets. Are we willing to accept the feelings? Will we choose to be healed or will we become one of the walking wounded?” ~ David R. Hawkins M.D, Ph.D

the 108 hosts our opening night reverie. Come and celebrate with a our authors and artists. Featuring performance, music and dancing. Curated by Susan Mendoza with installations and happenings by Judy Brown, Kayleen DeJesus, Orlina Howard, Brian Grady and Leons Batte. Plus live set by TIGHTS, followed by DJ Catsilk.

Gelatin art by Kristin Worrall, photographed by Theo Coulombe.

Every two years the Sullivan County Public Library Alliance appoints a Poet Laureate to promote the “Spirit of Sullivan County.” Join us on Main Street, Narrowsburg, as we kick off the Deep Water Literary Festival with a showcase of all five of Sullivan County’s poets laureate past and present, including the newly-appointed Kevin Scott Graham, as well as Eric Baylin, Mark Blackford, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, and Lisa Titus. This is a rare opportunity to experience all five of Sullivan Country’s poet laureates reading works that draw on the festival’s theme. Refreshments will be served in local stores. Presented in association with Sullivan County Public Library Alliance.

Select writers will present their true tales based on the theme “Gardens” Dedicated to the art and craft of story, Yarnslingers was founded in 2012 by writer/musician Ramona Jan. She believes that, “Everyone has a story…or two,” and encourages people from all walks of life to spin their spellbinding tales. Featuring Ramona Jan, Greg Triggs, Janice Meyerson, Alex Gardner, John Roynon, Kiki Reginato, Bizzy Coy, Bill Fellenberg and Teresa Tulipano.

Manon Manavit returns to Deep Water with Willow Gatwood to present an immersive piece of perfomance art at the 108.

“In the post-WW3 era, a charismatic former Canadian dictator head-of-state delivers long-awaited results of a Psy-Op to his human supporters in the covert fight against AI supremacy.” Text by CHATGPT will be performed by Manavit & Hazen Cuyler of NYC’s Greenhouse Ensemble, with Gatewood transforming e-waste materials into a live soundscape. Join the Resistance 

Part of Deep Water Lab, an initiative supporting local early and mid career artists. 

Made possible in part by funding from the Sullivan County Arts and Heritage Grant.

The Russian writer Sergei Dovlatov once said: “We endlessly curse Comrade Stalin, and, of course, for the cause. And yet, I want to ask—who wrote the four million denunciations?” This immersive performance created by Dasha Ziborova and Juliette Hermant invites the audience to participate in the sinister process of creating “denunciative drawings.” Commencing at Maison Bergogne with a perfomance, then threaded throughout the day and town, look out for these agents and provocateurs, they will surely be watching you.

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