Jun 21-23, 2024

Part of Ratty Books Childrens’ Programming

Join teacher Liana Rosenberg for a nature themed story reading and yoga practice inspired by the book. All ages but extra fun for 0-10. Bring the family!

Join us at various locations on Main Street for poetry, short readings, and refreshments as we celebrate the launch of Deep Water Literary Festival 2023. 

5:00pm The Mildred Complex(ity), 37B Main St, Alastair Gordon discussing his exhibition Pattern Recognition 2.

5:30pm MayerWasner, 55 Main Street, with Sarah Mann, Sharon Kennedy Knolle, Meredith Moyer, and Stacy Wakefied.

5:45pm Krause Hall, Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, 37 Main St,  Laurie A. Guzda, Elaine Leet, and Mike Vreeland read from Musings a collection of short stories written to inspire and delight. Bound together through a theme of “new beginnings”, these short stories feature 12 eclectic narratives by eight local authors.

DVAA, 2nd Floor Gallery THE OR-WALL  Bring your creativity and imagination to this giant paper wall. Record your response to George Orwell quotes entrenched in modern literary thought. Draw, compose a poem, scribble your thoughts—whatever medium you choose. Share your creativity with other festival goers, as you reflect on Orwell’s words. Note: The Or-wall runs throughout the festival weekend.

6:15pm The Ruffed Grouse Gallery 144 Main St, with David Kenner, Paul Legault, and Zarah Cabañas. Plus art by Lucy Sante, David Kenner, and Dave Walsh.

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