Jun 21-23, 2024

Why Do Actors Train?

Why Do Actors Train? (Bloomsbury/Methuen Drama) is a new book by local theatre artist and scholar, Brad Krumholz. Focusing on recent developments in neuroscience, philosophy, and related fields, the author develops a new theory of embodiment to investigate the actor’s craft. 

Join the author in a lively conversation with Jason Tougaw to catch a glimpse of how all of us, not just actors, encounter the material world and the invisible forces at play within it. The session will include a short, non-compulsory workshop element. All are welcome to listen and/or participate.

Presented in collaboration with North American Cultural Laboratory (NACL) in Highland Lake, Sullivan County, NY.

Jun 18, 2023, 1:00pm
Delaware Hall, Narrowsburg Union, 7 Erie Ave, Narrowsburg, NY
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Brad Krumholz

Brad Krumholz is Executive Artistic Director and Co-Founder of North American Cultural Laboratory (www.NACL.org). He is also Assistant Professor and Head of Production for the Theatre Department at Hunter College, NY, USA. He has created and directed 10 original NACL works, and co-directed 10 seasons of the Catskill Festival of New Theatre. His recent publications include Why Do Actors Train? Embodiment for Theatre Makers and Thinkers (Methuen Drama, 2023), “The Problem of Movement Theatre”; in Movement for Actors (Second Edition: Allworth Press, 2017) and “Locating the Ensemble: NACL Theatre and the Ethics of Collaboration” in Encountering Ensemble (Methuen Drama, 2013).

Jason Tougaw

Jason Tougaw is the author of a memoir The One You Get, winner of the Dzanc Nonfiction Prize, The Elusive Brain: Literary Experiments in the Age of Neuroscience (Yale UP), and Strange Cases: The Medical Case History and the British Novel. He is co-editor, with Nancy K. Miller, of Extremeties: Trauma, Testimony, and Community. He writes a regular column for Psychology Today, and he hosts a weekly radio show on WJFF Radio Catskill. He is co-founder of The Queens Podcast Lab, where he hosts QC POD. He is currently finishing a novel, Summer Isn’t. He teaches creative writing, podcasting, and literature at Queens College, CUNY. Raised in Southern California, now he splits his time between the Catskills and New York City.

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